Friday, December 18, 2009

You know it's me, not you. Who said anything about you?

taken this summer at Movies in the Square...when the city plays a movie on a giant screen at the main city square downtown's free, it's fun, it is a great idea! but it takes so long to get dark enough, haha.

I am realizing how much i love this small city. While of course the big ones are often better, this one suits me just fine...we seem to fit together. I love becoming friends with so many people, you run into acquaintances everywhere, and it's a little bit spooky because it is almost guaranteed that when you meet a new person, they will know some of your other friends randomly. You also have to be careful about what you say...because EVERYONE knows EVERYONE, a nasty comment can backfire. Or, like me last night at the Black Dog, you can be crushing on a guy in a black hat, while your new gay friend is telling you about the awkward two dates he just had with this really sweet, really cute guy who never called him back. And then it turns out your black hat boy is the "really sweet, really cute guy" who comes over because a friend is trying to set you up, and then they end up making out, and so while someone got his wish, i did not get mine. BUT, luckily, black hat boy brought a friend who turns out to be a local, well known swim-suit designer who decided he wants me to do some work for him. SO, the night wasn't a total bust.

Also, i am going to the mountains for some snow-boarding: leaving sunday, arriving home after Christmas. I am so excited; i haven't been boarding in two years! And i'm going with a great group of friends too, so that should be good.
Last thing: my favourite part of working during the "holiday season" is saying "merry Christmas" to everyone. I force it on customers; in fact i almost say it viciously. It is so much fun. Try it some time.

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