Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Is love a lie?

This is my "belief in summer days" picture. It reminds me of good things...warm weather, being outside, good food, no worries, being incandescently happy with life and the people in my life.

(backstage at Fashion with Compassion, October 2009)

It is one of my favourite songs, along with many other people. (Winter Song, by Sarah Bareilles). The funny thing is, i always thought the line "is love alive?" was actually "is love a lie?". On the surface these two mean the same sort of thing, but i like is love a lie better. In my bitter, sunken- in-thought days, where the light is far away and everything is grey and muted, love is a lie. A beautiful lie, but not truth. On those days, truth is what you can hold tangible in your hand, and truth is what you tell yourself it is. Love is a figment of thought, a sort of chloroform for the masses. And on those concrete, grey days, the chloroform is often welcome. Other times the pain is better...though it is ugly it sharpens life around you, and it is like breathing in the air these days...so cold it freezes your snot, so cold that if you breathe through your mouth you choke and cough, so cold it aches in your marrow, but it is better to feel this pain, this aliveness, this surge of blood in your veins and the clenching of your lungs and every pin-prick of ice than to feel the numbness of love. Sigh. As you can guess, today is one of those grey, bitter days. But i must- i MUST- believe in summer days. And consequently, love. So, to answer the real question of the song (is love alive?) I have to say yes.
Cool thing of the day: song lyrics

I still believe in summer days
The seasons always change,
And life will find a way.

They say that things just cannot grow,
Beneath the winter snow,
Or so I have been told.

Is love alive?

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