Monday, December 14, 2009

Drink Ourselves Awake

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My neck is really long. Hmm, but what can i do, right? you can fix most things about yourself these days, but i haven't heard of any neck surgeons making necks longer, or, in my case, shorter.
It's not really too long. It just looks like it goes on forever in this photo. In reality, i love my neck. I love my body too. Even the imperfections. I wouldn't change anything about myself. I hope that this self-love lasts until i die. I want to be 40, and 60, and 90, and love my wrinkles and grey hair and sagging thighs and cellulitey-butt. I think that stunning, other-worldly beauty is found in the mistakes...the little details that take away from perfection. This, combined with a beautiful heart and soul make for a truly beautiful woman. All the people that i consider to be the most stunning i have ever seen are like this.
Exams are done. Today i diagnosed people of all ages and backgrounds, and actually had fun doing it. I think it is one of my favourite things to do. Is that weird? It is like "House", but real life.

I miss my friend J and my cousin J today. I don't often "miss" people...i am used to not having everyone i love around me all the time. But today, strangely, i was filled with nostalgia and melancholy...not a lot, just enough to make me sigh once or twice. It's alright though.

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