Tuesday, December 1, 2009


And so with a whole new look, lots of photo's, and a generous amount of entries, i am applying to lookbook...wish me luck!
I got chatted up on the train home from school today. It happens every once in a while, some brave lad will face my stony cold persona and try and ask me out. But today i was wearing my faded old jeans and a heavy wool sweater, and i had a scarf wrapped around my head to keep my ears warm...not exactly attractive! And he was pretty cute too...haha, im not full of it, i swear. It surprises me that anyone would want to ask me out, that's all. What about that sweet, bubbly, little 5 foot 2 girl over there? They get all the boys. Not us tall lanky stone angels. Sometimes guys will surprise though, and take the initiative. Here's to the unexpectedness of boys! Sante!

1 comment:

  1. Some guys like tall lanky stone angels. Some of them appreciate a challenge; some see through the stone, to the fire beneath.