Thursday, December 10, 2009

Some Warm Memories

J looks so funny. He was only 8 or something here. I love the rashie, wrap-around sunnies, and gap-toothed smile. So cute.
I don't know why my family hardly talks about some of our adventures. For me, I personally don't like to talk about it because i feel it makes me sound like a snob. Even when people mention a place that I've been, i rarely say whoa, i've been there! When people do find out more about my life (thanks to friends like K, who likes to set me up with boys by saying "this is a, she has lived all over the world") they are often surprised that i haven't mentioned it before. It's a slightly touchy subject...i would hate to sound like i'm bragging. Only when it is completely necessary do i bring up some of the most exciting aspects of my past.
This is taken when we lived in Perth, Australia. I was 13 or 14 in this picture, and i look a right sight! I was attending Iona Presentation College, an all-girls Catholic boarding school. I looked hilarious in my summer uniform, and those ugly brown shoes were required...i can't believe i turned out as normal as i have!
This is sister D, on one of our vacation trips to Rottnest Island. She is petting one of the sting-rays that liked to come in the shallows.
Awkward, young-teenage me.
My father is the one in green, and the other couple is Colin and Helen. We met them in Fremantle, and they became (and still are) some of my family's greatest friends. While they have no children our age, they are still fun to hang out with, and we have met them all around the world as they like to travel with us. Travelling with them means good food and lots of wine!

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