Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Studying with Mel (and in memoriam of room 22)

I feel like i have been a pretty shallow, surface person the last few months...focused on clothes, boys, fashion, boys, lookbook, boys, etc. and I want to change that. I am not a party-girl; I like to curl up and read books. Often I would rather stay home on a friday night and watch movies with friends than go out clubbing. Of course there are nights when i would go stir-crazy if i stayed in, but as we dive deeper and deeper into the dark depths of winter (haha, alliteration?) i feel like scrubbing my hair up into a pony-tail and schleping around the house in saggy-bummed leggings and wool socks, working on some paintings or baking rock-hard muffins. I find baking to be very soothing in an old-fashioned sort of way, and in certain situations (ie., when everything is right with the world, or when im trying to get over a bad day) i will wait until i am alone in the house and then i will play music and let my mind go blank while mixing and measuring. I have heard that this is quite common. And it works, too! Not only do you work out pent-up anger or frustration, or even excess energy, but you end up with something to eat, some treat that can be shared around.

Anyways, i got distracted. I was going to talk about my friend Mel. Mel and i met a year and a half ago in a small town in Austria called Schladming. We were actually room-mates for three months, in fact, she had the bunk-bed below me. I was really bad at making friends, still am in fact, and my 4 other roommates were not people i wanted to get to know better. Of course, first impressions are terrible and they ended up being my best friends there, but still...i was feeling pretty lonely, and a long way from home. Mel arrived a day later than everyone else, and when she did my heart sunk...i did not want to get to know this sort of emo- dark -haired girl with the eyebrow ring (that i secretly envied) better. But she was so bubbly, so full of fun and energy and witty comebacks that i was won over along with the other 4 girls. But it was when she started singing songs from Grease every morning that i really thought we could become friends. Soon, we were dancing on table-tops to the horror of the quiet villagers and serious students, and crushing over our instructor's bright blue eyes, and the 6 of us roommates came together as a whole force that was not to be reckoned with lightly.

In May we split up...some of the girls went home, some went travelling with other friends...Mel went with her mom and explored the rest of Europe, while I alternately crashed at an acquaintances apartment in Palermo, and caught up with a guy who had bought the blue-eyed instructor's car and we bummed around Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. But it wasn't until I got home in September that Mel and I became as good of friends as we are now. We text each other almost every day, and study for exams with each other over Skype. We are actually "studying" right now (well, she is. Im writing this!). I don't know how i would have gotten through life this past year and a half without her. She always has the best advice, and can make me laugh even when im crying. In fact, she even helped me pick "first date", "second date", AND "third date" outfits over Skype. Now, that's a real pal. SO thank you mel, for putting up with my hare-brained schemes and crazy adventures and strange sayings, and helping me sort out my problems by reminding me that yes, you can do it. And for supporting me in my decisions when no one else does- it means alot. And here's to dancing on the tables in quiet little Schladming, and shocking the stiff and serious: may we always continue to shake things up, whether together or apart. Love!

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