Monday, December 7, 2009

The Twelveth

I have a feeling i should revive the "cool" project. One thing today that i think is cool...
Today was very cold. Minus 27. It is insane. My friend Katinka came into my cafe today while i was working, and the stupid girl wasn't wearing a hat or a hood. I bugged her about it for a while, because she is loud and crazy and loves to tease people. She is one of the most out-going people i know. Anyways, eventually she said to me:
"Hey. I know the importance of wearing a head covering in -27. I have lived here my whole life, and so that lesson is in my bones. I gave my hat to a homeless man I saw who didn't have one, 'k?"
and she left it at that. I almost started crying. Not just the very kind-hearted fact that she gave her hat to someone who needed it more than she did, but the fact that she didn't come in bragging about it. She was reluctant to show how kind she had been, and that touched my soul. I wish I could be more like Katinka. I wish we all could be more like Katinka. Not just doing good deeds, but expecting no reward for them either. I think that is very cool, very cool indeed.

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