Sunday, September 20, 2009

Cool item of the Day

Cool thing of today:
studying outside
eating outside
sleeping outside

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Fourth~ The Definition of Cool Project

Last weekend i had a conversation with N, and we talked about "cool" things. I pressured him to give me his personal definition of cool, but he refused. He can be like that sometimes. So I guess everyone has their own personal definition of cool, and i have decided to record one thing i think is "cool" here every day. Cool item of the day #1:
summer traditions

Cool item #2:
black and white portraits

I wish this was me. Its my sister though, D, and i love her very much. School has been taking up most of my time this past week, and its almost enjoyable to have something to do every day.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Third~or~ Lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime

I tried today to do the deed...but i couldn't. My courage failed me miserably, and i didn't even come close to broaching a subject that needed to be talked about. After the corn maze last night i sat on the cold bathroom floor and wrote out everything i was going to say. Why on earth is it so extremely difficult for me to say what i need to say? Instead i left my best friend K's fondue party early and i met a friend at a local cafe and talked about our weeks, and i blathered on saying (almost) everything that popped into my head, even if it made no sense. On a better note, his friend ran into us, and he asked if i was interested in being published in his new magazine~ i said maybe next month. I don't really feel like being interviewed and photographed right now.
K's fondue party was fun...she always invites the most eclectic group of people. It was a beautiful hot and sunny day and we sat on the porch and dipped fruit, brushing away wasps and making fun of people in the way only the young can.
(this photo of me was taken by at the local Ukrainian village.)

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Second~part 2

this is my kindred spirit J. She and I only see each other every 4 years, but inbetween we write letters. we had miraculous adventures this we are in the middle of the prairie on our way to disaster.

The Second

School has started up again. no more late nights spent on porches drinking wine and eating chocolate mousse. no more hot months where you throw on a piece of silk and dont take it off all week. northern canadian summers are surprisingly wonderful- the heat collects in the earth and makes the nights warm, often causing terrific storms with the odd tornado thrown in. my house is close to the big river that flows through the city, so i would often spend my days exploring the woods and trails down there equipped with my camera, a notebook, and the faithful golden retriever. in the evenings after work i would meet friends downtown, and we'd go get beers on a rooftop patio, and try and spit ice down girl's cleavage on the street below. hey, we're only young once.
so school starting is not that thrilling... except for the fact that i am so excited. which is really weird since ive never been excited about school before in my LIFE, but this classes are interesting, most of my profs are good, and my social schedule is through the roof. the only night i have free this week is tonight, and that's only because i am hoping a certain someone will call last minute and be like "hey, let's go dancing", but that never happens anymore. why am i such a sucker for guys who are bad for me? honestly, i need to get over it.

The First

Inspiration: I'm not ashamed to say julie powell. i saw the movie julie and julia the other day, and while coming away with a great sense of hunger, i also thought it would be pretty neat to write a blog, or try to, every day.

Habitat: (to protect people's identity~haha, so cool to say that~ i wont be saying where i live, or friend's names) a remote, isolated Northern Canadian city. i've lived here with my fam for the last 5 years. we moved from a lovely, rainy, cosmopolitan city on the coast to the middle of a frozen tundra wasteland. but im not bitter.

Age: I'll say it~ I'm 20. i like telling people my age, because i feel like you can be proud and not ashamed of being 20.

Cause: Everyone needs a cause, or a goal, or a dream. mine is to make the most of every situation im placed in. rarely do i obtain aforesaid goal, but it's nice to say i try. all that means is that this blog will be a nice taste of one person's perspective on living.