Friday, September 11, 2009

The First

Inspiration: I'm not ashamed to say julie powell. i saw the movie julie and julia the other day, and while coming away with a great sense of hunger, i also thought it would be pretty neat to write a blog, or try to, every day.

Habitat: (to protect people's identity~haha, so cool to say that~ i wont be saying where i live, or friend's names) a remote, isolated Northern Canadian city. i've lived here with my fam for the last 5 years. we moved from a lovely, rainy, cosmopolitan city on the coast to the middle of a frozen tundra wasteland. but im not bitter.

Age: I'll say it~ I'm 20. i like telling people my age, because i feel like you can be proud and not ashamed of being 20.

Cause: Everyone needs a cause, or a goal, or a dream. mine is to make the most of every situation im placed in. rarely do i obtain aforesaid goal, but it's nice to say i try. all that means is that this blog will be a nice taste of one person's perspective on living.

1 comment:

  1. 'Course you can be proud of being 20. Especially since you CAN DRINK AT THAT AGE where you live.

    Darn it...

    I'm tempted to go see Julie and Julia now, just so I can see what your inspiration is like.

    I think that's a rather [insert positive adjective here] goal. Haven't heard it before. Original. Universally applicable. And above all, healthy. Worthy of emulation, too. Let us know how it turns out...