Monday, November 30, 2009


as usual, all of these ones and the ones on the previous post are courtesy of

LookBook Trois

The funniest thing about these shots is that the cigarette is just a of the bubble-gum ones my dad brought back from Germany. We sure are having fun with them!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Ninth

A lives quite close to the down-town core, and i live just over the river on the university side. So it wasn't difficult to wander around, get changed in the car, and avoid the dumpster diver's leers. And im sure we did make quite a scene...after all, it's what we do.

This was behind one of my favourite diner's downtown. I used to bartend there, once i had graduated high school, in order to make money to go travelling. It made for a wonderfully gritty back-drop.

There was another photo-shoot today, and we tramped through this muddy field to find the perfect shot: i haven't seen the results yet, but i hope they are good! These favourite boots of mine got quite filthy, and i will have to see what can be done to rescue them. While i quite like the whole "grunge" thing sometimes, other times i just like to keep my shoes clean, y'know? Hmmm, Christmas is coming, and that means buying Christmas gifts. I usually spend hours and hours thinking about what to get people, but somehow i never manage to buy the right thing. I am notoriously bad at buying gifts! Last year i got my mother a bag of (albliet) nice coffee...she wasn't too impressed. Ahhh well, I'll try my darndest this year...maybe this time at least one will make someone happy :) Oh! Fathzer got back from Germany last night, and he brought back a wiff of European air with him. We got scarves, chocolate, and these little smoking men...i will post a picture later, as they are difficult to explain. Also, these bubble-gum cigarettes which i was so excited for because i thought they were real at first...nope, just candy! But very realistic, and fun to bug our mother with. He had an amazing trip, got along with Henry just splendidly, and I'm glad they had fun, though just a teensy bit jealous that they got to go in the first place.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

(plus a little more)

Also last night my brother J was in a One-Act drama competition, and his won! So they are going to Cities, and everyone is thrilled. He is one of the most comedic actors i have seen, and im not just saying that because he is my brother. Well, ok, maybe a little bit. But still, we are all so proud. That guy is going places, im just sayin'.
And after the festival, K and i drove over the bridge to downtown, and we went to Red Star, which happens to be one of the "cool" bars. We went to Red Star because it was our friend Myro's birthday, and K was worried because her ex-boyfriend might be there too. So we got dressed to look sooo cool, sooo laid-back, sooo subtly beautiful that those boys would think wow, what have we lost? (Well, to be honest, K denied this. She said "I have moved on, and besides, I've heard his new girlfriend is very nice.") She is more mature than me sometimes. I, while not at all wishing any harm on him, thought that it couldn't hurt to look stupendous anyways. (I may have tossed my head once or twice while doing my make-up, and said in a sultry voice to the mirror: "you heart-breaker you" , and i may have listened to OK Go's A Million Ways to Be Cruel, but this was just to get in the mood of ive-moved-on-can't-you-see?
To return to my tale: we got downtown (in the car-ride over i yelled at her, and she yelled back, so we got over our fight.) , slid into the booth beside Myro, sipped on our drinks languidly, and laughed and laughed and shot sultry-bored looks at all the cute guys. K's ex was there, and she said hi once, then they ignored each other the rest of the night. I kept on watching the stairs outside, but someone i was hoping to see never showed, and to my surprise, instead of being relieved i was disappointed. And not in the "i still need my revenge" kind of way, but in a way that was like when an old friend you haven't seen in a long time doesn't make it to a party you were hoping to see them at. I was kind of sad, but proud of myself for being so mature, and in the end not being crushed. I think i have officially moved on!

New Cravings for Old

I am in lurve with ethnic prints. Also, mon pere arrives home tonight, so i am heading out to the airport to pick him and Henry up soon. It may sound terrible of me, and as a excited as i am to see him, i am also excited to see what he brought me! Last big trip he went to Korea and brought me back a "dress", which turned out to be so short on my lanky frame that we all deemed it a shirt, and when tucked into a skirt actually works! But Germany is full of tall people, right? So there is a better chance. Haha, my sis D and i are in love with Glee. It is such a feel good show, that last weekend we spent the entire time catching up with the entire season, and now i am in LOVE LOVE LOVE with matthew morrison. i always did go for the older guys. Anyways, here are some pics of clothes from anthropologie that i am lusting after:

Thursday, November 26, 2009


AAHHHHHH je deteste ma vie! A presentation on Elizabeth I (speech, powerpoint, handout for the class) and a 10-page paper on the Faerie Queene are due on the same Because of the multiple deadlines making my life hell, both are half-baked attempts, and today i get to face the music (and the derision of my classmates), which will probably haunt me for at least the next semester. I needed to say this, so that at least it's a little bit funny when i look back at it later. Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Best Friend

This is K. She has been my friend ever since we moved to the Arctic, and even though she drives me INSANE sometimes, she is still going to be one of my bridesmaids, if i ever change my mind and settle down with some billionaire 78 year old gentleman (titled is preferred, but not necessary.) who has a villa in the south of France, an apartment in Paris and London, summer cottage in Greece, and a studio in Tokyo. Anyways, i digress. She broke her hand playing volleyball (eeww, sports) and went in for surgery today to get some metal pins put in. Even though i am still angry and upset, i brought her flowers. Sometimes events occur that transcend the boundaries of petty arguments. And when she is feeling better, i will yell at her then. Because i love her.

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Eighth

I am cold. the heat has gone off for the night, and even though i am wearing my (super secret) fleece pants and (gasp!) a hoody, i am still chilled to the bone. This is what doing homework and living in the Far North does to you! I am one of many who prefer to be too warm then too cold. And since there is little meat on my bones, i am cold most of the time.
Also, still fighting with my best friend K. Why friendships cant be easier is beyond me. Plus, i am terrible at confrontation, so when i am mad and need to say something, i dont. i just let it slide, or sweep it under the rug. I think some Dutch courage might be in order to get through this easy is it to tell someone that while you love them, you cant stand them?

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Once again, here is some more photo's from one of our photoshoots. It was very cold that day, and though we brought reinforcements, we still ended up at Credo Cafe across the block, chatting with the owner's son (an old friend) and sipping hot lattes. Mucho bueno!

Flavour of the Moment

Ever since this summer, my love affair with the herb "mint" has been building, and in the past few weeks it has exploded. I love it in everything: tea, soup, pasta, samosa's, salad, is clean, subtle, and totally unexpected. When i was a little girl living by the sea, we had a huge backyard with a wild corner where mint, chives, parsley, basil grew in abundance. My siblings and i would orchestrate day-long "games" that would involve basically living outside pretending to be orphans from the late 19th century, and the only food we could eat was what we could scrounge...raspberries, peas, mouldy fallen apples, and herbs. (We had wild imaginations...and i was fascinated with play-acting.) But to this day, mint has remained one of my favourite flavours, especially when you arent expecting it.
Mein Fuhrer is in Germany for a while for work, with his friend O'Henry. It is quite funny- my father is very self-aware, sarcastic, cosmopolitan, and an extremely experienced traveller- Henry, while very very nice, and sometimes very funny, is...well...not. He not only brought a pair of sneakers for his only pair of shoes, he also decided to wear sweatpants on the plane. My father, in a laughing manner, said that everyone will think they are a gay couple, and i can see it. I would laugh and laugh and laugh if only there was someone filming them on this trip, as im sure it would be the most hilarious trip two friends have ever embarked on.
Also, i woke up this morning to snow on the ground. Being from the coast, the sight still fills my heart with wonder and joy every winter (at least for the first month), and i decided to play charlie brown christmas music all day in celebration. But i need to write two essays for history (a book review, emile zola's A Ladies Paradise") and one english, on Spenser's Faerie Queene. Better get back to work, but not before i post some more photo's for lookbook...A and i are going to do one more photoshoot, and then try and get on! Aaaaahhh!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

the Seventh

I have been staying with these two boys this week, as a favour to their mother while she and her husband are in Mexico. I babysat alot of kids when i was young(er), and these two are from hell. Well, at least one is. His name is D****, and his older brother's name is D*****. Lets call them Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dum, respectively. T-Dee is 13, and T-Dum is 15, which in my opinion is old enough to be left on your own for a week. Surely, the most they need is supper in the evenings, and someone to make sure the doors are locked at night...but not these two. Not only do they require one fried egg each morning (made by moi), but T-Dee will also complain to his mother (within earshot of me) when one morning i decide to let them try for themselves. After all, my father's favourite saying is: Give a man a fish, and he eats for a meal. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime. While this is not perfect (eww, fish forever? No thanks) there is much to be said for the general gist of it all. They have other awful meal habits that must be indulged, (like plastic plates and cups every time, and peculiarly sliced fruit for one and a precisely numbered about of cherry tomatoes for the other), and have the

(photo's courtesy of independence of an 8 year old, but it's the silence that bothers me the most.
Yes, i said it, it's the silence. The house is like a frozen tomb. The boys will not talk! I try my best to drag conversation out of them, and usually i am very good at that, but these two answer in single word sentences, and then fall silent again. When they talk to themselves (very, very rarely) it is in whispers, in another room from me. In fact, last night i decided to see if we could go an entire meal without a word, and we did. That was the last straw. Even before washing the dishes, i called my sister D, my brother J, and A (the beautiful girl in the checked dress above) who happened to be at our house too. All 3 of them came marching over armed with guitars and sheet music, and we proceeded to fill every cold and empty nook and cranny of that house with noise, laughter, music, and singing. The boys cowered in their bedroom. For at least an evening, that house turned into a proper home, with real children making real noise. I think thats what bothers me the most about T-Dee and T-Dum...they arent real. They seem lacking in some vital, human element, and are almost 2-D, like book characters cut out and pasted on a scene.
Ahhh, i am so glad that tonight is my last night there. Here is A's blog. She is my fellow lookbook member wannabe.

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Sixth

An old ghost from my past has been poking around lately, and i suppose its partly my fault for encouraging him even in the slightest. I was in luuuurve with him for a year, and only really stopped because he was so unsuitable, and there was someone else. Hmm, i hate being cruel but it's as if being destructive helps me feel better. Oerg. Song of the day: A Million Ways, by OkGo

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Fifth

(photographs courtesy of
Fall has definitely arrived. A few weeks ago we had snow, and below zero temperatures, but thankgoodness it then proceeded to warm up to normal autumnal highs of 10. School has been keeping me extremely occupied. I don't know why i sound so excited, and i am very sad, etc., but i feel like a great weight thats been hanging over me the past few months is gone. Yay for being free! It's so less complicated, and so much more dramatic. Anyways, my sister D and her friend A and i have decided to try and get on the tres chic website LookBook ( which is summarized as "the internet's largest source of fashion inspiration from real people around the world." and the thing i love the most about it is the fact that most of the members are NOT from North America. Halleleighua! Finally a sphere where They (our neighbours south of the border) do not dominate.
So last weekend, we got my favourite photographer to take pictures of us. Over the next few days/weeks, I will be posting more, since the lookbook people require a link to a website that has photos of us on it, and i have decided to use this one.