Saturday, November 21, 2009

Flavour of the Moment

Ever since this summer, my love affair with the herb "mint" has been building, and in the past few weeks it has exploded. I love it in everything: tea, soup, pasta, samosa's, salad, is clean, subtle, and totally unexpected. When i was a little girl living by the sea, we had a huge backyard with a wild corner where mint, chives, parsley, basil grew in abundance. My siblings and i would orchestrate day-long "games" that would involve basically living outside pretending to be orphans from the late 19th century, and the only food we could eat was what we could scrounge...raspberries, peas, mouldy fallen apples, and herbs. (We had wild imaginations...and i was fascinated with play-acting.) But to this day, mint has remained one of my favourite flavours, especially when you arent expecting it.
Mein Fuhrer is in Germany for a while for work, with his friend O'Henry. It is quite funny- my father is very self-aware, sarcastic, cosmopolitan, and an extremely experienced traveller- Henry, while very very nice, and sometimes very funny, is...well...not. He not only brought a pair of sneakers for his only pair of shoes, he also decided to wear sweatpants on the plane. My father, in a laughing manner, said that everyone will think they are a gay couple, and i can see it. I would laugh and laugh and laugh if only there was someone filming them on this trip, as im sure it would be the most hilarious trip two friends have ever embarked on.
Also, i woke up this morning to snow on the ground. Being from the coast, the sight still fills my heart with wonder and joy every winter (at least for the first month), and i decided to play charlie brown christmas music all day in celebration. But i need to write two essays for history (a book review, emile zola's A Ladies Paradise") and one english, on Spenser's Faerie Queene. Better get back to work, but not before i post some more photo's for lookbook...A and i are going to do one more photoshoot, and then try and get on! Aaaaahhh!

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