Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I fell in love with Anderson Cooper during the most recent American election.
It was strange. I had heard the name batted around before, but I don't pay attention to CNN unless I'm half way around the world and it's the only English thing on tv. So I had never noticed his face before.
But a month ago I was watching the election at my neighbours house, visiting their new kitten. And he- oh his eyes- and I know he is old. And gay. But he looks so strong. And he is funny. And dives into the face of danger, and if there was a war, or I was in trouble, I'd want him to be on my side. I'd trust him. Follow him into battle. Whatever.
It is supposed to be a snow storm today, but so far it is just freezing cold instead. And a yucky yellow sky.


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  2. This is usually the bit where I say something disparaging which ruins the original poster's view of their idol, but, well...that would ruin the original poster's view of their idol. So I won't say it. He's a hunk. I'll own up to it right now. Dreamy eyes, chiseled physique, mature bearing, the works. And somehow his sexual orientation only makes him more awesome.