Tuesday, January 24, 2012

January 24, 2012

Today, while shivering in a cavernous train station deep underground, a tall thin boy with a plaid shirt (wasn't he freezing cold?) walked up to me and said Hey, we have the same shoes.
And we did have similar shoes, brown suede desert boots, but not exactly the same. Why he came out of nowhere two seconds after I arrived and approached me I do not know. But we got to chatting, as you do, about our shoes and Government workers having no souls, and Peter Pan, and working 7-5:30, and pipe coding, which I still am not very clear on understanding.
He had a soft, breathy voice, and it was very lilty, if you know what I mean, as in it was Irish-sounding and almost song-like. I noticed his voice the most, and his pale blue eyes. I think his hair was dyed black. Maybe it was natural, but his eyes in contrast were almost silver, and combined with his voice he was a character from some ancient epic literature. He belonged in Ireland though, of that I am sure, and in Ireland he would be a half-Fairy prince.
I am awkward at making small talk with boys I don't know, and I swing between the extremes of over-the-top flirting or complete and utter disdain. I think this boy thought I was a bit insane. Maybe he liked it. I don't care. I think he had a funny eye; one may have looked in a slightly different direction then the other. But his voice! It was amazing.

We took the train together for two stops, then we got off at the same one. I swear I am not a stalker, I said, I honestly live here too. He laughed, and said, Well, I'll tell you to close your eyes when we get to my house then, so you don't know which one it is. We parted with exchanging names. Nathaniel, he said, or rather sung. I'll probably see you around, I said, Since this is the closest train stop to my house. We smiled and waved good bye.

I think he was interesting, but perhaps he will turn out to be completely boring. I can never tell. But this random interaction with a stranger just made my entire day better. I love humanity sometimes, and how you can make friends when you least expect it. Sometimes a half-smile or even a meeting of eyes is all it takes to make a connection. To be honest I doubt the chances of me seeing Nathaniel the Fairy Prince again are high since even though we do go to the same station I normally never catch the train I did today. I had coffee with Linds after class and that's why it was later than usual.

Linds just posted this video she found on youtube of us from the summer of 2010 when we were on an archaeological dig in Narthaki, Greece. Well, it's mostly music, but you can see us dancing! (I am the taller than anyone else around me blonde). Insanity. I am half dying of laughter and half super embarrassed, since I can remember that at the time I thought I was quite a good dancer.... maaaaaaybe not so much. See? I can laugh at myself. And maybe yes, I am a little insane.


  1. A little insanity's good. And I don't recall one single person I've ever danced with (including myself) who wasn't half dying of laughter and half super embarrassed. Particularly after I had that gay Korean come up and glomp me from behind on the floor...

    I've read all sorts of fiction stories about people meeting elves, dwarves, trolls and witches in mundane urban places (like on a bus, or in a subway tunnel, or back alleys). This reads just like one of those. You might've met the Prince of Faerie after all!

  2. Haha, I went dancing again last night, and it's TRUE- everyone is half laughing and half embarrassed! You just can't take it or yourself seriously, otherwise it becomes absolutely ridiculous!
    I read far too many fantasy books when I was a teenager, so I think I see elves and faerie EVERYWHERE. Occupational hazard I guess of having no friends except books and a wild imagination growing up.