Monday, January 23, 2012

Catch Up

I have two things to say today. The first is funny. I am taking a 17th century art history class this semester, and my art friend Heather asked who my teacher was. Some beautiful, middle-aged, terrifying woman I said. Oh! said Heather, that must be Lianne. She has a blog. Sometimes she writes about students. My eyebrows almost flew off my face. I have to see it, I said.
So Heather sent me the link. And today, while sitting not 6 feet from the Ice Queen herself while she lectured (don't judge me, I like to sit in the front row of this class to see the slides better), I read through the blog for the first time. HILARIOUS. She is potty-mouthed, hyper-self centred, super-intelligent, dryly humourous, and ABSOLUTELY FRIGHTENING. And so now I am huge follower of this blog, and I haven't quite made peace with myself yet about why I like it so much- is it because it's awful? I want to hate her because she is cruel. Or because it's actually really well-written and I admire her? I don't know. Here is the link, you can decide for yourself.

The second thing is, my darling friend Postman wrote a gorgeous post about the first time you heard a song that really affected you. Check it out here, and while you're reading it be sure to listen to the song at the same time because the writing and the music go together like PB and J. Like crackers and cheese. Like wine and cheese. Like pickles and apples with cheese. I want to write about a song too, and I will someday soon.

I guess I have three things to say. The third is that Sunday afternoon my two besties and I went out to Sunday Brunch in the Empire Ballroom. The Empire Ballroom is in the Hotel MacDonald, the oldest, fanciest, most recognizable feature on the E-town skyline. And it was incredibly wonderful. An afternoon that will stand out in my mind as perfect for the rest of my life. I'll write more when I have some time, but as of right now I am swamped. Teaser: beautiful people, beautiful ceiling, beautiful mussels!


  1. Do I necessarily agree with what writers like Dalton Trumbo, Paul Theroux and Jon Stewart say? No. But I love reading their stuff anyway because they say it so well. Sometimes the snarkiest writers are the most fun ones.

    As for Lianne...she is honest, eloquent, and vivifyingly direct. A good combo in a writer, especially a blogger, where people can turn you off in an instant if you don't grab them right away. Intriguing material.

    Elisa (that's the lady in charge of the writer's workshop) comes up with some REALLY good prompts. I'm thinking of putting more up on the ol' blog if they strike me. Your generous plug has me blushing. Thanks.


  2. Yes, I am liking the Lianne on the blog much more than Lianne the teacher. I think being physically apart from the source of such sarcasm and wit makes me laugh, rather than feel uncomfortable. When it is literally in my face it is a bit too much.
    And yes, mussels! Such a salty treat to my landlocked mouth!