Saturday, January 7, 2012

Going out and S.F. pics

 A beach at sunset in Carmel.
 On the edge of our roof.
 Me, Paisley, D, Heather, Riley on our roof
J, D, me, our very first day in S.F.

It's always such a struggle to go Out on the weekends. I am sleepy after dinner, and want to curl up with a  single malt whiskey and a book or movie, not put on make-up, dress up. But I never regret it when I do, and so in a few minutes I am going to get off the couch, and put on some Florence + the Machine to get my energy going again.
I will wash my face, brush my teeth, and sit cross-legged on the bench in front of my dressing table. The light on the side table will be turned on, providing a subtle glow, and then I will put black eye liner on my top eye lids, smudging it to soften the harsh line. Then dark grey eye shadow, never used in daily life, but in the night it makes my eyes look huge and slightly sunken. Next comes the torturous appearing eyelash curler, and after that, mascara, carefully applied to even the small lashes in the corners, but NEVER on the bottom lid. That makes you look like a doll, and that is creepy.
Then some concealer for under the eyes, because at sometime during the night the eye shadow will fall down and give you racoon eyes, and when you've had a drink, and are tired, and have racoon eyes, you are very much A Mess, and if an ex-boyfriend were to spot you looking like A Mess it would be disastrous. Such is my train of thought.

Now, to get dressed. How do I want to present myself? How SHOULD I present myself? If it's the Black Dog or the Pint, then a dress for sure. But if the Wunderbar Pub is mixed into the night sometime then a dress makes you look try-hard, and jeans are the coolest way to not look like a prep. I think a dress for tonight. I am going to Black Dog first, for Kerry's birthday, and D is coming, and S may be potentially meeting us there. Then I promised to stop by Filthy McNasty's to see Crysta (my old T.A. from Kallithea and Rome) because it is her birthday too, and she is here for a limited time before she goes back to England. Then the Wunderbar, to see Hannah and listen to some awesome local rock bands, and last I am destined to end up at The Pint, because it is Alanna's birthday, and K will be there, and S wanted to go there too, and that was the very first thing I committed to going to. So a dress I think it will have to be. My new red one from San Francisco that I've never worn before. With a big wool winter coat and scarf and tights and boots of course, because this is the North and I'll be walking.

After getting dressed, it's time to deal with The Hair. It's short now, but still out of control. Go with the flow, I guess. Then a spritz of Coco Chanel Mademoiselle, and it's off I go.

The dark and the first bar always energize completely. The music, the crush of humanity, the smell of spilled beer and cigarettes. It's good to just let go and not try to control everything, you know? In some sick and twisted way it is relaxing.
Ok, I have to go get ready now.

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