Sunday, January 17, 2010


Last night i was despairing of the whole of humanity. From being part of a fraternities initiation dinner ceremony to clubbing downtown, i thought i was the one person left in the world with some integrity, or a sense of humour. Was there no one else who thought that lining the staircase for 45 minutes while the boys stood in a circle and basically married one another slightly laughable? Could i be the only one who felt retarded wearing a cocktail dress and being led, like a dog on a lead, around on a frat boy's (who shall remain nameless) arm? Did anyone else at the club long to step outside and into fresh air away from the drunken lads and lasses with no hope in their eyes? I have never, even though my bests were all there, never felt so apart from people in general.

And then i woke this morning, and the sky was bright blue and the sun was pouring onto my bed, and i felt a bubble of happiness in my stomach. We went skating on the big pond down by our house. My ankles nearly touched the ground, and my nose was running, but it was beautiful and fun. To be outside, slicing across the warped ice with leaves and sticks frozen just beneath the surface, with laughing, happy people of all fling yourself headlong across the ice, breathlessly, carelessly, trying to go fast without fallling- absolutely i felt hope for mankind once again.

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