Wednesday, January 20, 2010


"I am going to live in Europe some day."
"You think you could just leave your family?"(skeptically)
"Yeeeees...well, now that i actually think about it, it might be harder than I thought..."
"Yeah, it's different once you actually start to think about it, huh?"
"Haha, yeah I guess..."
"And you would be all by yourself, and come home from a bad day at work, and be crying-"
"I wouldn't be crying!" (indignant)
"Yes, you would be crying, and who are you going to talk to? You know no one, and-"
(interrupts) "AND since I have no one to talk to I will go to a cafe, or to a bridge, and-"
"What? Jump off it?" (laughs, not unkindly)
"No, I would lean against the bridge, staring into the water, smoking a cigarette-" (stares into space and mimes smoking a cigarette)
"Puffing away on a fag" (smiles broadly and also mimes smoking a cigarette)
"Hahaha, yes, smoking a fag, and a single tear would roll down my cheek..." (traces a line from eye to chin) "...and then a French man walking a dog would come along and say: (in a French accent) "Are you alright?"..."
"Of course, a French man." (a bit sarcastically)
"A French man. And I would throw away my cigarette, and grind it under my heel, and I wouldn't be lonely anymore."
"No, I don't suppose you would be lonely anymore."

(both lapse into thoughtful silence for a moment, before laughing and moving on.)


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  2. This post makes me so very happy.
    If you ever leave, I am sure to follow