Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day

Yes, Valentine's Day is horridly commercial, and I should be shunning it all, having an Anti-Valentine's Day party, etc. But how can you not love a day that reminds us to tell our loved ones that they ARE loved? It's not responsible to buy someone flowers every day, nor is it healthy to eat at an expensive restaurant every night. But one day a year, it is nice to be celebrating LOVE, regardless of religious or political or social background.
And yes, it is nice to get flowers, whether they be from a romantic partner, a friend, or even my grandfather. It makes me feel special.
Those are my feelings on Valentine's Day. People should stop hating it and feeling sorry for themselves, and if they think that no one will give them a gift, maybe they should go out there and buy a gift for one of their own loved ones. Seeing the reaction on their face is one of the best gifts around.


  1. Love this. I've been feeling annoyed by the "woe is me", "anti-love" sentiment that is all too popular at this time of year, particularly among those who aren't in a romantic relationship. Why shouldn't we celebrate other kinds of love on Valentine's Day? And focus on showing our love to others, rather than waiting for someone to make us feel special - that's a great reminder. Thanks :)

  2. It might be more difficult to appreciate a day which celebrates love if you're feeling particularly unloved at the moment. I never really gave much credence to Valentine's Day as a youth...a card for my mum, maybe a few longing glances at the girl I worshiped at a distance...but now, being in love, I can't help myself. I used to think love was a lot of wasted effort. Now I try to pull out all the stops for my loved ones on V-Day, without a second thought. It's a wonderful feeling, seeing those surprised and touched reactions.

    And OF COURSE, the first Valentine's Day I spend where I'm actually feeling that way has to be 5,500 miles apart from Miss H...

  3. Christina- yeah I know, right? Glad that this resonated with you! I hope you are surviving and thriving in Montreal!

    Postman- haha, kind of funny isnt it? Just when you really really really want to be able to celebrate a holiday with someone very special, something happens. Makes you despair just a little. BUT DON'T. There is always next year. It will work out, I promise. Also, glad to hear you made it safely and are starting to settle in!