Tuesday, December 27, 2011

S.F. Day 2

Early breakfast of pastries and coffee and quiche, then we met our friends in front of the big white Italian church where Marilyn Monroe married Joe Di Maggio, and walked around the area on a free walking tour. Of course, our father's (nicknamed the Giant and the Midget) soon sloped off somewhere to drink whiskey and smoke cigars and buy candy, and after an hour of laughing inappropriately and generally horsing around the walking tour passed Cafe Trieste, close to our apartment, so us kids ran away as well, leaving our poor suffering mothers to walk some more.
We arrived at the apartment to find that the Giant and the Midget had locked themselves on the roof by accident, and after we set them free we took over, bought pizza and beer for lunch, and sat on the edge of the roof dangling our legs over and throwing pebbles at pigeons.

Then us kids wandered down to Union Square, pushed through crowds on busy streets and goggled at Prada and Chanel and Tiffany's. We had wanted to catch the Street train to Haight Ashbury, but D got distracted by Westbury mall, and so while everyone else shopped Nordstroms and Bloomingdales, J and I went back to Union Square and sat on the steps and people watched. Ice skaters and a Menorah being set up beside the ginormous Christmas tree.

Then we called our parents, saying Feed Us, we are hungry! And they said they were getting wine and chips and peanuts so we ran back to North Beach and gobbled that down, playing Clue and being rowdy. After appies we all walked down to the City Lights bookstore, and I fell in love with it and never wanted to leave but it was getting late and we had dinner reservations in Chinatown. So then we walked there and we ate at a big round table and the food was hot and fast and good and we all laughed, but then got tired at the end and my eyes were becoming squinty due to tiredness and fresh air and exercise.

Ran up the hills to get back to the apartment. My legs were wobbly by the top again. Muscle!

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