Thursday, November 3, 2011

He makes me upset. He has the capacity to ruin my entire day, make me shake and feel dizzy and pale and short of breath and like I want to cry. Why can't he leave me alone? Why can't I leave him alone either? He has made it very clear that he doesn't want to be friends, doesn't want to be anything but lovers, and I don't agree.
But he told Robyn that we had a chemistry that he couldn't ignore, that I was purposely avoiding but that existed more strongly then he had ever felt before, and that that was the reason why, after 4 years, he gambled everything he had and lost.
I don't agree, I don't agree, I don't agree. His telling me he wants to be with me in only a sexual way makes me feel like a slut, a whore, used and hurt and bruised. AND YET- I loved him once. We did have a bond between us. I feel like this isn't the boy I know, he would never act like this, and that's why it hurts.
And the reason I shake and go pale and feel dizzy every time I see him, or hear from him, is because once I thought I did know him, and the him I once knew would never lie, and so maybe- just maybe- he is right about this too. Maybe we do belong together, and I am blind. 


  1. Only you can know whether it's right or not, JJ. If being with him makes you feel low-down or rotten, then it wasn't meant to be. If being with him makes you feel good, happy, fulfilled, like you're a better person than you ever believed you could be, then that's what's right.

    That's how I feel, anyway.

  2. It makes me feel low-down and rotten and worse. And you're right: when it's put like that it's obvious, black and white, that he isn't right for me. But somedays I get so anxious about being blind, stupid, passing up opportunities that I grasp at any love or obsession people throw my way.

    Or at least, I will write about it and dissect it until there is nothing left, haha.