Friday, June 4, 2010


I like this place as much as it likes me. Still adjusting to the heat, but it is glorious to sweat again. Wandering around with new ami Cain, and it is nice to have a boy because I get bothered less. Lay in a park today from 2-4, and actually slept and it was like a, hushed, damp, warm. When it was a bit cooler (or so we thought) we climbed to the top of Lykavittos hill: we were too cheap to take the funicular, so we climbed the many stone steps.
It was hot, very hot still, and I had a lovely cherry red complexion by the time we got to the top.
Cain: "You look a bit, I don't know, sweaty. And red." (He is Mexican)
Me: "Yeah, I know."
Cain, a little concerned: "Want some water? Here, have my seat. You should sit down. And you should drink some water."
Me: "I'm fine! Seriously, honestly, I'm good..."
"Are you sure? You are very red."
"Yes, I'm sure. Ok fine, I'll drink some water."
But the views were beautiful of the city and the Acropolis, and there was a cool breeze.
Tommorow we are going to the Sounis, close to the ocean, and seeing the Temple of Poseidon. And the next day I take my train out to Thessaly.
Eating much Greek food, and drinking lots of retsina. When I am enthusiastic about things, they give them to me for free. It's nice.


  1. WHY WAS THE GETTING THERE A DISASTER!?! Did you get stuck with an incredible, drunk psycho on the plane? Get ticketed in the middle of the night for not doing one thing or another? A marriage proposal from one of those outrageous Greeks?

    ENVIOUS of you pigging out on Greek food. Good greek food, I hope. What is retsina? It sounds similar to sangria, but not. But I bet it is good...

    I like the story about your red face and your new friend kindly stating the obvious... haha.

    I am glad you've arrived safely! Write more soon!

    Sending you oodles of love from a city on the west coast of the world,

  2. Ah, the dear fellow. The cherry complexion equation didn't compute for him, huh? Delightful anecdote.

    But oh god, retsina? That stuff's made out of pine sap, isn't it? What's it taste like?

    Good to hear you're in Athens and settling in. Friends in foreign countries are priceless.

    Wishing you the best of luck in all your Grecian endeavors.


  3. thanks you guys! i appreciate the kind wishes...just hope that i uncover achille's armour, haha