Saturday, February 6, 2010

And by the way, I hate that stupid old pick-up truck

Normally I hate country music. Well, hate is strong, so i dislike it. Strongly. It all sounds the same, and makes me laugh when i should be crying. BUT today, today of all days, i decided to embrace my home province, and embrace (sometimes) being a country girl. Since we've lived here i have become the biggest "city snob", that is, someone who looks down on and can't fathom why anyone would ever live outside of the city core. It's so... inconvenient.
I think my transformation began sometime this summer (reference picture above) when my friend J and i drove all over the countryside exploring things. Since then, I have been given my very own cowboy hat (it says Budweiser on it, but whatevs.), have driven standard (in an Audi, but thats besides the point) and love "bombing around" in trucks with big wheels. I think cowboy boots look awesome, and have grown fond on the incongruous plaid shirt. And today, when i was movin' fast over the rutted roads we call city streets, sittin' high in the cab of a big car, i turned on the radio and out came country music. Alan Jackman. (Jackson?). I fell slightly in love. It was mellow, the tune was catchy, and even though all the songs still sort of sound the same, it fit. The music fit my location and mood.
I was shocked. I listened to that station for the entire time (they were doing top 40 countdown), before i realized that this transformation, while seemingly sudden, had actually be slowly happening for a while now. It started with the cowboy boots, then becoming a closet taylor swift fan, then an outright supporter of her. Combine that with the country road trips and a secret lust for big trucks and cowboys, i guess it was only a matter of time.

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  1. I know quite a few people who can trace their predilection for country music to Taylor Swift.

    Okay, more like one person. Not including you.

    She is a listenable and mellifluous singer, however.

    As always, an ethereally beautiful and honest read. "Secret lust for trucks and cowboys," indeed.

    Beautiful photo, too.