Saturday, February 20, 2010

10 Things You Otherwise Probably Maybe Would Have Never Known

I'll start with this: Postman has been newly cast into the role of Knight in Shining Armour in my imagination, due to his oh-so kind nomination for Sugar Doll award...which I graciously accept. Honestly it just made February in the Far North so much more bearable.
I don't think I am going to follow the trend of posting the 10 most manly things possible about me (including everything from drunken pursuits to sci-fi), though it would make for a pretty hilarious post...oh well, next time!

SO here goes: 10 Things That Not Many People Know

1) I think it would be perfectly lovely to find a hut on a beach and live there for a year or two.

2) I would sleep on the floor, not shower for a week, and eat terrible food and still be gloriously happy as long as I was with someone interesting in a foreign place.

3) I like to read. No, I love to read. No, I am OBSESSED with reading, it is my air, and it often occurs to me that I live more in books than I do in the real world (which makes me sad), so the past few years I have been working on creating my own adventures in life rather than living through someone else's imagination. I like to think I've been doing a pretty good job.

4) I love to go fast...really, really fast. Cars, rides, mopeds, ATVs, snowmobiles, anything. It gives me a thrill, and I get that feeling that if I could only go a little bit faster I could fly.

5) The only reason I will watch hockey is to look for the fights. Which rarely happen anymore. In fact, I dislike watching sports on t.v. in general. They give me that queasy feeling of complete and utter boredom.

6) When I was 7 I was given my first pocket knife, because my family used to go camping often. I would whittle pointy "killing sticks", which had rings around them symbolizing every thing I had killed. I was a very imaginative child.

7) I went to an all-girls Catholic boarding school in Perth, Australia, when I was 13-14.

8) Cameron Macintosh told everyone he had kissed me one summer. We hadn't. We had played Chinese checkers for hours instead.

9) I like laying back and staring at the ceiling, and playing tricks with my eyes and making the bumps go in and out, and imagining walking on the roof.

10) Sometimes I make a batch of cookie dough, just to eat it raw.


  1. I think I like "Knight in Shining Armour" even more than "Sugar Doll."

    I'm very glad you didn't do ten masculine facts! But that would make for a good post eventually...that pocket-knife thing sounds pretty macho to me.

    1) Yes.
    2) Yes.
    3) Hell yes.
    4) Mopeds sure are a blast, aren't they?

    P.S. Have you tried flying?
    5) Indeed. Except for football and soccer. And I must say, the Swedes did a good job of making their hockey game against Belarus look interesting a couple days ago.
    9) Stare long enough and you can see all sorts of pictures.
    10) HECK yes.

    These are intriguing to the extreme. So you lived in Australia for a time? How long?

  2. Congrats on your award, Jane!

    Interesting list. I had to chuckle at 3 & 4...That's soooo

  3. Postman (or should I now say Knight in Shining Armour, ie, K.I.S.A., haha) I will pass on the award to 4 more when I get a spare second. I lived in Australia for just over a year... one of the more memorable years. It's a tricky length of time, as I'm sure you know, because just as you FINALLY start feeling truly settled in and people in the grocery store start to say hi, you leave again. But it's worth it.

    Also, besides flying in jumbo jets, the only other flying I've done is for my birthday last year, when my boyfriend at the time (who was a pilot) took me over and around the city and stuff in a teeeeeny tiny little two seater (Cesna something? I don't remember). But it was intoxicating. I can see it becoming addictive, and would jump at any chance to do it again!

    Laura: hi again! And I KNOW! The speed thing is so very very fun. And I think the reading thing is common amongst us's almost more enjoyable than t.v., haha, and so much healthier too

  4. I too read a lot....and I figure Cameron Macintosh was a fool for not fulfilling his dream.

    Enjoyed this.

  5. thank you jerry. I agree, Cameron Macintosh should have taken his kiss when he had the chance! :)

  6. HOW COOL! You got a flight over the city for your birthday? With your boyfriend, no less? Sweet! (It was likely a Cessna 172, I'm guessing.)

    One day, I shall live in Australia. And on your advice I shall try to stay longer than a year.

    Oh, that Cameron Macintosh doesn't seem like he's got his priorities straight. He could've at least combined Chinese checkers and kissing instead of one or the other.

  7. Knight: haha yes, unfortunately for me, taking a girl flying is definitely a good way to impress her.
    Also, (though I hate giving out advice, I'm going to do it) when you get to Australia check out the west coast...much more spectacular and it has this laid-back, tough, livin-on-the-edge-of-nowhere vibe...pretty unique.
    And Cameron...oh dear, that poor guy. I bet it's one of his life-long regrets ;)

  8. I'll have to keep that in mind. Flying=impressive. ;)

    Give me your advice! Especially regarding Australia. I'll take it, whatever it is.

    You know, the east coast of Australia seems to get all the hype. I'm more curious about the west. Glad to hear it's exactly what I'd hoped it'd be. Laid-back, edge-of-nowhere. I'm there. If I wasn't enticed before (and I was), you've put the fever into me.

    Well, if Cameron's anything like me, it sure would be a life-long regret.