Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Yesterday I dragged the dog through Rowntree Park and across the stray. The sun was shining diagonally through the low mist, and there was the strong stench of burning in the air. I had thankfully worn tall rubber boots, because we marched our way through tall, wet grass, following a cow trail and avoiding piles of earth. There are very few trees on the stray, just miles and miles of grassy, thistly, wild ground.
You could feel the sun on your face, but there was no heat in its light. Fall is here, and almost over perhaps, but the leaves are still falling, and it's never bitterly cold, and I hardly ever wake up to the sound of rain on my skylight.

Last weekend I was in Leeds again. Before we went I was told multiple times by various people to be charming, and I laughed, asking Aren't I always charming? Networking is not something I consciously do, and if I tried, I think I would be very bad at it. But, I am good at smiling, and looking interested at what people are saying, and asking them questions about themselves. People love to talk about themselves. I am not very good at talking about myself, so I try to get others to do it so I don't have to say much.
I am also OK at flirting. There was a dance at the Corn Exchange Saturday night that I had to attend, and the next day we all laughed and Steve said that this would be our new promoting technique- he would sit at the bar and drink beer, while I would dance on the dance floor. Everyone I danced with bought a comic the next day. I said it sounds like I'm getting the better part of the bargain, for I love to dance, and making people feel good about themselves is one of my specialties.

The Corn Exchange is this old building with a round roof, and inside there are three levels all looking down onto the bottom floor. There was a giant Christmas tree, which I thought was ridiculous, but then again, I am excited for December and being allowed to listen to Christmas music.

 I want to live on a narrow boat.

Dirty cities are my favourite cities.


  1. One of the reasons I always hated Star Trek (and preferred Star Wars) was because everything in Star Trek was always infuriatingly squeaky-clean. The Enterprise always looked as though it had just come from the factory floor, no matter how dirty the action got down on the planet's surface (or on board). Same goes for the space stations and such. The Millennium Falcon, on the other hand, as well as most of the planets and installations, were dirty, muddy, rusty, cluttered, grubby, or downright filthy. I loved it. The same might go for cities.

    Nice job selling comics. I envy you in your walk through the long wet grass on the stray. Hope it wasn't a huge dog.

  2. A golden retriever sized dog.
    And yes yes yes to the Star Wars versus Star Trek. Dirt makes things more realistic.