Friday, May 24, 2013


It's a little frightening, this living in limbo. Uncertainty. Going to the lake, of course, helps to centre things a bit, and you start to remember what is really important in life- family, loved ones. Books, card games, hard work, relaxation. Good food. Icy snow-melt swims. Walks through the woods with conversation about everything, while acting like children swinging sticks and throwing rocks in rivers. The 11 hour drive makes it almost a spiritual destination, where you must encounter trials and tribulations in order to reach your peaceful, holy destination.
Coming back, my brother and I spent almost the entire 11 hours listening to radiolab podcasts, and that helped the time fly.

It's green here in the city. My house is dark, now, with any light filtering in the windows yellow and jungle-esque. It would sound damp and verdant, but this is E-town, and therefore we haven't had rain in weeks and the gardens are dry and dying, and the whipping winds blow dust-devils of dirt in your eyes. It's an odd combination to behold. Life, trying so hard to thrive, and the elements tortuously denying them what they need.
Today might rain though.
Last night was my first shift at Fort Ed park, and I rode my bike there and back. Coming home late was terrifying, because I took a riverside trail, and there were no lights. I kept on imagining shapes jumping out of the woods, and then half way up the hill my pedal broke and I felt panicky. I never saw a single soul, but that wasn't comforting- instead, it made me more wild-eyed and twitchy. I don't think I'll take that route again.


  1. You get dust devils up there? Jeez, I thought I had the market cornered on them, down there in the desert.

    I can sympathize, though. Two-thirds of my houseplants died this year waiting for that friggin' eternal winter to end. Fortunately we're not short on spring showers; here's to sending E-town a few drops!

    You know, speaking of "spiritual destinations," like your 11-hour drive to the lake, there's nothing like a fear-inspiring bicycle ride down the riverside trail to rearrange your mental and metaphysical furniture. Facing your fears and all that. Think of it as a test of courage.

  2. Haha that's the spirit! It's always more funny to look back at the event and see how wild my imagination was.
    And now we are getting rain. Stop sending me your showers!