Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Oh Life You Heartless Bitch

Sooo...found out yesterday I am 3 courses short of graduating. Thanks for telling me that when I did my program check in the summer, University. You are the best.
Ha. This means I am ridiculous.
And still a student.
And changing my flight home for the third time, and getting back as soon as I can after New Years.
And registering for classes.
And borrowing money because I am flat broke.
I have a great place to live.
Fantastic friends.
Learnt a lesson in humility.
And realized that I am already getting bored in York, so I guess going back to Canada isn't the end of the world (well that's a lie).
But I've started to cook dinner for my family every night to keep busy. Every day I get £10 from my dad, and have to spend the whole day searching out local ingredients from the various shops and markets. Fun, non? I'll be recording it here.


  1. Isn't that always the way? Just when all seems right with the world, the most unthinking, unfeeling disasters descend upon us.

    Yes, I ripped that off from "A Christmas Story." I'm sorry for your troubles, friend. If it makes you feel any better, I'm flat broke too. And I'm going to have to move 20 miles come February. In Korea. With no idea how to get my stuff from Point A to Point B.

  2. Oh poor you! That sounds much worse than just another semester. I'm glad to hear your life isn't perfect either, haha

  3. Schadenfreude is as popular as it is for a reason. But commiserating is a great deal more fulfilling and satisfactory. Every time I look around and see my friends having troubles I think to myself "YES! I'm not alone. Woot." I'm obviously going to hell...