Wednesday, May 23, 2012

I promise to stay away from motorcycles.
I promise to reapply sunscreen three times a day.
I promise to wear a hat, and drink tons of water.

I promise to try and be nice to everyone.
And have a blast.
I promise to try and remember that life isn't the destination, but the journey.
7 weeks is nothing according to those left behind. But to those of us going, it feels like freakin' forever.


  1. Beautiful girl,
    Enjoy your journey. I'll meet you in Whistler... wine will be drank and stories will be shared.

  2. I hate reapplying sunscreen. I mean, honestly, it should be a "swipe-and-forget" kind of thing. I can never be bothered to put it on more than once (sometimes not even then).

    Come on, you'll enjoy seven weeks in Greece (and in fact, you already are). And there shouldn't be any harm in a motorcycle on the last a good story to share with people in Whistler.