Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patricks Day

Yesterday's St. Patrick's celebrations consisted of me and two girl friends sitting around an empty apartment save for 4 chairs. We had frizzy hair from the rain outside, an 8-pack of beer, some green Jello shots, and an ipod playing Irish music. As it got darker and darker outside, we refused to turn on any lights, and instead we danced in front of the huge window that looked across at a blank brick wall.

Look, we didn't want to brave the crazy crowds and sweaty bars. We felt too old to do that now. So instead we drank and talked about boys and life, and when our friends started to stumble home from Whyte Ave, we texted them to come to us. So they did. And people were soon streaming in and out, and I met a million people whose names I knew I wouldn't remember so I didn't even try, and eventually, around 2 a.m., it was Lindsay, Alexis, me, a pilot, and 3 paratroopers who nobody knew.

We played a pyramid card drinking game, and the pilot beside me and myself were drinking water and convinced everyone it was straight vodka. I think we had them, I really do. And the paratroopers talked about how it hurt to jump out of a plane all the time, and one of them, Cole, talked about his experiences in Afghanistan, and one of them, James, was a bit of a thug, and the other, Adam, was a soft sweetheart who I can't imagine holding a gun. I don't have any friends who are in the military. In Canada, it's not common at all. I've never even really talked to a soldier before.

Sometimes I'll stop and think about how I ended up in these crazy situations. I am always so pleasantly surprised at how meeting new people can expand your mind. My mind feels expanded since last night. I love the feeling of growth as a person, because normally it's too slow to notice. Every once in a while though it just hits you.

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  1. I spent St. Patrick's Day (or rather, St. Patrick's Night) in a quiet, mostly-empty pub having glasses of green beer with two buddies from work and playing pool. We just didn't feel like riding the train into the university district and partying hearty. Our heads thanked us in the morning. It hit me, too, that it was nice to get to know those guys better. We talked of movies, sports, women and whatnot.