Friday, December 31, 2010

Part of me hates this. I tried to explain it to someone very special to me today as I was saying goodbye, I said, I hate this. The anxiety about leaving. The tiresome being on your guard constantly. The never having a safe place to rest your head; worrying about your belongings; where's my passport panic? But then I told them, this is what I love. This is what makes me tick, travel is my life-blood.
I don't think they understood. We said an awkward goodbye anyways, both of us being unable to leave first. I finally bounced out of the car, muttering: Well, bye then, I'll see you later, even though I knew that it was just habit to say that, that I probably wouldn't see them later.

Once I was through security, it felt like I had returned to my alternate reality that exisits only when I travel. Comforting, thrilling, every second unexpected. My dad had given me one of his Maple Leaf lounge passes to spend my 3 hour layover in Toronto in comfort, so that's where I am now. I rolled in looking rumpled and poor, gorged myself on the free food, and am now sipping a Scotch on the rocks while using their free internet. It's nice to live like the rich people do. I hope that everyone thinks I'm rich. I'll pretend to be a princess or heiress or something.

New Years Eve will be spent in the air on my flight to Munich. I hope they serve champagne. I hope I can stay awake that long.


  1. Sweet get-up-in-the-morning-and-go-to-church.

    You like Scotch?



    A girl who likes Scotch?

    Are we filming this?

    Okay, okay, just kidding. I'm just glad to know there's at least one of you in the Universe. Excellent taste.

    And Happy New Year's, too. Let us know how Munich is, Princess Looking-Rumpled-and-Poor.

  2. Yes! I looooooove Scotch. Or at least, I have started to develop a serious appreciation for it. I still need a few years of experimenting with different kinds to be able to give you my favourite one. Or why do I need a favourite? I will just like most of them haha