Sunday, April 18, 2010

Ma Robe Magique

So I have this Magic Dress. I just discovered it's powers this weekend, and I can't stop spreading the news. It doesn't look like much, honestly, it's just a mini-dress from a common store, and it has small black and white stripes. The neckline is boring, not too high or low, but I guess it's flattering... I don't know. It has a huge cut-out in the back, and I think that is the only thing that stops it from being completely run-of-the-mill.
But this dress is not ordinary, nor is it run-of-the-mill. This dress bestows the wearer with a magical amount of confidence, no matter how bad they are feeling, or how greasy their hair is that day. It's pretty simple: you slip on The Dress and all of the sudden no one can take their eyes off of you. The world is your oyster. You can do no wrong; everything you touch turns to gold.
For example:
my parents were supposed to come back from England, but they are stuck there because of the Icelandic volcano. No worries, sister D and I are busy studying, and grocery shopping, and enjoying the fabulous weather. So Friday night I was supposed to be going to this concert with Katie Davey and Erica, Wool on Wolves, but I was also driving brother J around from drama and back. Long story short I was super rushed getting ready and because the weather was so warm I decided to just throw on this dress I've never worn before. I pulled my hair back and did minimum make-up, as there was just no time. I was meeting Katie Davey and Erica at the venue and when I got there it was packed with all these super cool hipster-types (who, if you don't know, are more than a bit intimidating with their judgmental stares). But I swear it was the dress: people started coming up and introducing themselves to me. Guys who had no clue who I was started hitting on me. I was golden and had no fear. Eventually it got ridiculous and we went dancing, but that wasn't much better. It's not that they weren't all great guys, just none of them were right for me, y'know?
Anyways, The Dress still had a lesson for me to learn. I, shy, retiring, can't talk to cute boys me, I saw this guy standing by himself watching the concert. And for the first time in my LIFE, I decided to go talk to him without him first talking to me.
"Allright girls," I said to Katie Davey and Erica, "I am going to go talk to that boy. Be my wingmen." Slightly shocked, but with multitudes of giggles, they followed me to where he stood.
And I started talking to him.
I swear it was the dress.
And of course he asked for my number.
(on a side note, he called me yesterday but I was busy. Maybe next weekend, I said.)
But the point of all this is that this dress, this boring, simple, plain dress, taught me that the greatest way to be beautiful is to have confidence. It is an inner-glow that comes from being at peace with who you are, and to be happy with oneself. It sounds hippy-ish, but it's true! My mother (and others) always told me that true beauty came from the inside, and for the first time in my life I agree. If you truly don't care how much attention is paid to you, then it shows. It's all about the confidence and attitude. And that's something that you can't lose with age; in fact, it probably increases with age.
Now, if only I could transfer that confidence to my other clothes, I would be set.
And just as a precaution, I am never washing The Dress.
Or wearing it needlessly.
I'm not superstitious.

The Magic Dress. taken by: A during our latest LookBook shoot.


  1. Thank you for including a photo so I can (ahem) get an idea of the matter.

    Confidence is key. So's a nice dress. It helps that you have the poise, smile, personality, and confidence to go with it.

    And the legs.


    Way to go, Jane. Takes a special kind of person to learn something from their clothes. Thanks for sharing the lesson with us. Great story, here. As always, a joy to peruse.

  2. P.S. The boots are a swell touch, too. You look very nice.

  3. I wanna get my hands on that dress!!!

    It's simple, yes, but you do look magnificent!
    I can just imagine the reaction you are going to have with the boys in town when you wear your magical dress. WATCH OUTTTTTT!

  4. I finally realised there was a follow button at the top of the page... saaa-LOW!!

    I really loved this post. I'm right there with you on the confidence front. That automatic boost of confidence from particular clothes is mad! I guess the important bit is to learn to get that boost all the time, regardless of the clothes ey? OR we could just never wear anything but those clothes?

    So pleased I found that damn follow button... :)

  5. Postman: Ha! Thanks for the, uh, compliments. Made my day :)
    And isn't it awesome what a great pair of cowboy boots does to your confidence levels? Amazing.

    Jacq: Yes! If it had been on sale then it would have been top notch. Oh well. And hey, exams are almost over, right?? My last one is on Monday. And when I move back to the coast, then we can beat off the boys together!

    Mashlip: Thank you! And I totally agree, I need/ we all need to find that confidence boost regardless of what we are wearing. But sometimes it's so hard to see where it's coming from, and a magical dress is just the key... :)